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Mission Statement

Satisfying our clients by meeting their needs through dedicated people who are committed to total quality and care.

Company History

    Founded in February of 2003 by Rick L. Hickman, R.P.L.S., President and Chris K. Bradley, R.P.L.S., Vice President, both bring to the table over fifty years experience in the surveying profession.  Headquartered in Northern Johnson County, and just off Interstate 35W, situates them right in the middle of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

    We have worked for a broad range of clients and we are committed to helping them achieve their goals on time and under budget.  We desire to provide meaningful work for our employees and be involved in significant projects that help our world be a better place to live.

      Fort Worth Surveying uses the latest in surveying equipment and technology, which in return supplies our clients with accuracy, speed and economy.

    Rick and Chris have worked all over the United States since 1975 working on projects such as Nuclear plants; DOE and COE projects; Texas Department of Transportation Projects-highways and bridges; Military reservations: Air Force, Army, Navy; Airports- large and small from runways to terminal buildings; Electric Transmissions lines; Pipelines; Steel/Paper Mills; High-rises; Schools and numerous commercial and residential projects around Texas. 

Rick Hickman, President- Profile

Chris Bradley, Vice-President- Profile